In our daily lives, we rely on smartphones to provide directions or take pictures. We use tablets to read articles or build checklists. This mobile technology keeps us organized and helps us do things faster. So, why do some industries still opt for antiquated processes, when they could be doing things more efficiently, thus saving time and money?

It’s well understood that the Oil and Gas industry benefits from mobile technology in the field. Think about it – rig guys are working 10 hour days, 7 days a week. They’re baking under the hot sun, covered in dust and handling oil-slicked tools. They’re tired and ready to be done with their day. The last thing these field workers want to do is complete paperwork or go back to an office to fill out spreadsheets.

Here are 3 ways that mobile field reporting can improve oil and gas processes:

  1. Field operators can track maintenance of drilling equipment and enter remarks on associated checklists, while still being onsite to look at the equipment instead of trying to remember later. Multiple contributors can comment on the status of equipment and immediately share the info with the back office. Crew members won’t have to keep track of paper documents and back offices won’t have to decipher smudged handwriting.
  2. Gauge sheets, oil/water run tickets, well production reports, and more can be replaced with electronic versions. Operators can also improve accuracy by attaching GPS stamps and photos to run tickets. Back offices can review submitted data immediately to detect incorrect run tickets, low oil inventories and out of range well tests. Admins can also use real-time data to review projects statuses or record downtime – and causes – for operational wells.
  3. Crews in remote oil and gas fields can complete and save digital reports, even without network connections. The ability to wrap up reporting while still on site reduces the possibility of information being lost while waiting to return to an area with internet. When team members regain a network connection, reports can automatically be synced with offices.

FieldFocus’ replaces the pain of paperwork in the field and the hassle of back office spreadsheets. With mobile technology, oil and gas field workers can collect data, submit reports, and complete assignments on the production site. The customizable forms provide management a way to receive data faster, minus the oil smudges, to improve drilling operations.