FieldFocus designed and built a website to allow managers to create and assign almost any company form to their employees and contractors.

How field info is collected:

  1. Employee downloads FieldFocus mobile app to their mobile device.
  2. Employee securely logs in and accesses any forms assigned to them.
  3. Employee uses their mobile device to complete the forms directly from the field or job site - eliminating the need for paper forms and the “lost” form in transit back to the office.
  4. Employee enters in required information, which may include photos, GPS coordinates, etc.
  5. Employee finishes form, or report, and submits it to back office.
  6. Employees can also review previously submitted reports for up to 90 days

How back office uses field info:

  1. Receive submitted reports immediately and view them without delay.
  2. Ability to accept or reject report, with comments
  3. Export reports to CSV or PDF to be emailed, printed or saved immediately
  4. Use CSV files to be imported into other software, like Quickbooks, data trend analysis, etc
  5. Export into a zip file multiple reports to be emailed, shared or saved

Additional back office functionality:

  1. Create virtually any custom forms
  2. Add or remove field employees to the system
  3. Add or remove supervisors to the system
  4. Assign or retract forms to field employees
  5. Set reporting goals for specific forms for specific employees
  6. Review team member report submission performance

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