Use Cases

Not sure if FieldFocus is right for you? Read these use cases to see how FieldFocus might enable your business to get faster reporting from the field.

Construction Company

A construction company provides site preparation services for drilling companies in the oil & industry. They have a team of 50 employees, which includes a site manager, two team managers, a safety inspector, and a heavy equipment maintenance crew.

The three managers use management checklists, inspection reports, job tracking, inventory checklists, and daily time sheets.

The safety inspector uses inspection reports, inventory checklists, captures and uploads photos to reports, and daily time sheets.

The heavy equipment maintenance crew uses inventory checklists, equipment maintenance checklists, safety reports and daily time sheets.

Engineering Company

A civil engineering company has 35 team members who conduct onsite inspections, preventative maintenance, and safety reporting. There are 10 engineers, 15 technicians, 3 managers, 3 drivers, and 4 security guards.

The three managers use management checklists, job tracking reports, inventory checklists, daily time sheets, inspection reports, and safety reports.

The engineers and technicians each have unique reports assigned to them for tasks and maintenance associated with the tool sets they manage. Each team member has a timesheet and an inventory checklist for their tool sets, as well.

The four security guards use access logs, incident reports, and timesheets.

The three drivers use accident reports, driver logs, pre and post damage assessments, job tracking report, and daily time sheets.

Restaurant Company

A restaurant management group has 20 restaurants throughout the southwest region. Each restaurant has a general manager, three assistant managers, kitchen staff, and janitorial staff.

The managers use the open/close checklists, inventory checklists, safety reports, near miss reports, incident reports, food safety reports, health inspection report, and timesheets.

The kitchen staff uses inventory checklists, supply reorder form, incident reports, repairs and maintenance forms, health inspection reports, safety reports, and timesheets.

The janitorial staff has daily cleaning schedules, cleaning checklists, cleaning reports, safety reports, maintenance reports, and timesheets.

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