Customer Testimonials


Total Rod Concepts, Inc "We run a busy production and services company with multiple team members in the field. We rely on FieldFocus to help us stay on top of our job safety analysis (JSA), near miss reports, and incident reports whenever our technicians are installing our products, conducting well analysis, and making adjustments at well site. It saves us a ton of time and speeds up our operation, and the FieldFocus team is quick to support us with professional service."

- Joey Boyd - Fluid Tech Manager & Sales Total Rod Concepts, Inc


JuiceLand "FieldFocus eliminates the unwanted paperwork in the warehouse. It also takes pressure off of the managers when workers have multiple needs concerning the maintenance on the company vehicles. Documentation can be handled faster."

- James Perry - Warehouse Manager JuiceLand


Angel Brothers "FieldFocus has been a valuable asset to my department and our Company. The ability to document and send in Safety Audits, Field Safety Visits and Accident Investigations has reduced our overhead travel and administrative time by eighty (80) percent. This program allows your Safety Personnel to spend more time in the field while dramatically reducing unwanted office time. The program is simplified for anyone to use as well as building site specific forms. I recommend this program to anyone that wants to streamline their operations in the field."

- Brad M. Porterfield, CSHO, SHEP - Director of Safety Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD.


Palazzo's "I see this as a valuable tool if used properly."

- Sinks McLarty - Director of Operations Palazzos/Madernos.


Taco Shack "I found the FieldFocus App to be very helpful in the operations of our restaurant business. I would highly recommend this App to anyone in charge of running a restaurant. The ease of using it in our restaurants was very simple, quick and easy to apply."

- Orlando Arriaga - Owner Taco Shack


Lee's Meat Market "Love the app. Super easy to create your own checklists, which is exactly what we needed to do."

- Lee Morrison - Owner Lee's Meat Market


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