Features & Benefits

Streamlined Reporting

  • Real-time reporting using mobile app
  • Saves time recalling project details after leaving the site
  • Custom forms capture exactly the data you want, including text, photos or GPS coordinates

Improved Accuracy

  • Improves documentation completion rate and accuracy
  • Checklists ensure all steps are covered
  • Syncs directly with back office to improve reporting and invoicing

Enabled Employees

  • Easy to use for timesheet completion and submission
  • Increases field team communication with on-the-go reporting
  • Improves workflow by assigning (or retracting) forms directly to field team

Reduced Paperwork

  • Replaces paper forms, and documentation, with digital versions
  • Works without connectivity and saves the report
  • Emailing directly from the mobile app eliminates the need to print and fax

Compliance Adherence

  • Gain greater visibility into compliance documentation with real-time reports
  • Review compliance reports without going into the office
  • Upload and share compliance checklists, and photos, directly from the app

Secure, Accessible, Data

  • Eliminate worry about storing data with our secure servers
  • Access your data whenever, and wherever, via your private account on our website
  • Export custom data reports after logging into your password protected dashboard

Real-Time Decisions

  • Reduce wasted time waiting for report, and receipt, submission to make a decision
  • Save money by quickly reacting to incoming problems or negative data trends
  • Improve employee reporting with additional information requests or adjustments

Built-In and Custom Forms

  • Access many industry standard form templates
  • Modify templates to your needs
  • Create custom forms from scratch
  • Pre-populate recurring information fields
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Attach uploaded photos

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