Empower Your Field Workers with FieldForce

FieldForce is a comprehensive new mobile platform that delivers unparalleled ability for your field workforce engagement and productivity. FieldForce combines FieldFocus and Deskless Workers inc. to turbocharge your field workers while benefiting your entire organization.

The Organization

Scalable and private solution supports department
field communications.


Deliver and measure information and tasks for improved safety and compliance.

The Field Worker

Effectively communicate and collaborate to increase workforce communications, satisfaction, and job knowledge.

Your Customer

Higher satisfaction with better trained, informed, and
loyal employees.

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Increase Training & Knowledge

Deliver training content direct to worker mobile devices.

Videos can be paired with a quiz after viewing to test employee knowledge and assess your training program. Quizzes are very simple and easy to create. You simply specify the questions and answers. You can include pictures next to each answer to help guide employees.

Simple and easy to automate paper forms for things like employee injuries, warnings, safety audits/inspection, daily reports and other required forms.

Input boxes can use AJAX to auto-populate fields (typing first few letters of an employee name for example). Tabs and sections make it easy to navigate large forms with ease.

Get forms submitted while employees are still on the job. Capture signatures and define “required” fields. Include photos to document issues discovered.

Reduce Claims and Payments.

Deliver “Near Miss” Reports direct from field for future reference and use. Capture real-time accident reports faster and with more accuracy. Provide immediate feedback and instructions. Management alerts and analytics for reviews and updates. Provide online information and back-up to legal. Intuitive User Experience Your Workers Will Enjoy.

FieldForce solution improves your business operations. We help you communicate better across your organization, train more intelligently, manage reporting from the field, measure performance and engagement, and effectively manage your extended workforce no matter where they work.

Ease of Implementation:

  • Software as a Service Solution
  • Little to no IT resources required
  • No server software, or storage needed
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer solution feature selections and branding
  • User onboarding & training

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